Healing Early Childhood Trauma and Emotional Neglect

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The pain of past traumas can be overwhelming....creating a sense of feeling lost, struggling with relationships, longing for peace.  

Trauma can take so many forms and can be set in motion from so many different experiences.  You may have been abused as a child, you may have been emotionally neglected growing up, you may have been assaulted in college, you may have been the victim of date rape, you may have grown up in an alcoholic family, you may have had to adapt to a chaotic household... there are as many possible sources of trauma as there are unique individuals in this world.  

Let's get to know your unique story and together work towards healing the old hurts still haunting you.

Your body can carry a lot of unspoken pain, memories, history. 

Resolving trauma from the past can be an immensely healing process. 

What you may expect to be an unbearable journey, slowly unfolds into a life that becomes known, safer, and more empowered.  

You don't have to move through the journey alone.  We can work together to:

    - Develop ways to safely move through the healing process

    - Build your sense of being more solid and grounded in your life

    - Learn to manage vulnerability and fear while developing ways to feel safe in your life and your relationships.  


Please contact me at (626) 836-2023 or sonadelurgio@mac.com if you'd like to discuss how psychotherapy can help.