Relating & Relationships

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How do you experience yourself in your relationships? Are you present? Do you feel connected?  Do you feel you have a voice -- can say what's on your mind? Are you caught in repeating patterns in your relationships? Can you stay true to yourself even if others cannot let you be who you are?

Think about your relationships:

    Marriage or romantic




    Yourself (how you relate to yourself, your inner thoughts and feelings)

So much richness comes from being your most authentic self in all your relationships. It's also one of the most challenging things to do. The impact of early experiences, family history, belief systems, and organizing principles color how safe you feel to bring your full self to your relationships. 

By understanding what you bring to your relationships, what your partner brings, what you each need, and how you let each other know about that, you can open up a flourishing, deeply connected, and healthy relationship.  You and your relationship will grow.  Do you need help getting there?

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