What is Contemporary Psychoanalysis?

 This isn't your grandfather's psychoanalysis!

This isn't your grandfather's psychoanalysis!

Many may consider psychoanalysis to be outdated and unhelpful in treating most all kinds of suffering. However, this classical model has grown and evolved over the last century.  

What we now call Contemporary Psychoanalysis values the unique subjectivity of both the patient and the therapist and how they mutually influence each other.

This is a very interactive experience

You will learn what keeps you stuck, why you repeat patterns that only keep hurting you, and why changing is so hard.  

Your interactions and connection with the therapist allows for healing and new, safe ways of relating so you can move beyond what has been keeping you stuck and hurting.


The relational experience in Contemporary Psychoanalytic treatment is both informative AND transformative. 

This approach can help you find yourself beyond your symptoms and issues and live your most authentic life.

Psychoanalysis can help you move into a deeper knowing of your inner and outer world. In a collaborative process with the psychoanalyst, you can become more reflective about yourself and more authentic in your relationships.

Knowing yourself well is the key to living most authentically.

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